What is RENDERR?

RENDERR is premium video editing service where we bring your video project to life. We receive your raw footage and work with you closely to put together a kickass video just like you had imagined.

Who is RENDERR ideal for?

Renderr is ideal for anyone who is looking to:

1. Shoot their own footage and outsource the editing work

2. Repurpose their existing footage 

3. Use only stock footage to create custom video content.

From Youtubers to small businesses to marketing agencies, we service anyone who needs more video content.

Who is behind RENDERR?

Renderr is a service led by 2C MEDIA INC, a Canadian video production agency headquartered out of Calgary, Alberta. We have worked with a variety of leading brands, agencies & publishers. Click here for more info & client testimonials.

How does it work?

We are a community of video editors available to help with every part of post-production process. Firstly, we put an emphasis on thoroughly understanding your video project needs. Our editors, will then turn around a draft within 72 hours on which you can provide detailed time-stamped frame-by-frame feedback. This will ensure that the final video is exactly what you had envisioned.














I need promotional videos but I have no footage, what then?

No problem, we will help find the best stock footage that fit's your project and create that killer marketing content you need.

How much does it cost?

The thing about video is that no two projects are alike. We custom quote each project only after fully understanding the scope. We also offer monthly subscriptions for clients who may need a higher volume of videos.

What makes RENDERR different from the myriads of automatic video creation platforms?

Unlike automatic video creation platforms, RENDERR is an online service led by a team of talented real human creators. Why Human? Because artificial intelligence simply lacks social intelligence - aka creativity. Video platforms are great, but there's only so much you can do with pre-set templates & standardized features. At the end of day, a creator's thought process, creativity & communication is what's going to set your content apart. 

Not convinced, what else makes you stand apart?

In short - our approach. We believe that the key to any succesful relationship is communication. Often times, there's isn't enough value put on communication and understanding your needs. This is where we go the extra mile to understand and deliver exactly what you need!

Fair enough, how long does it take?

Once we have fully understood your project's needs as well as received all supporting assets, we will have the first draft ready within 72 hours. In the beginning, it might take a bit longer for our editing team to understand your style.  But once we 'get it', we will be able to turn around projects faster. Of course, more complex projects and campaigns can take a little more time; anywhere from 1-2 weeks. Be sure to include any deadline you may have in the submission process.


What about content security?

We use secure, industry leading & enterprise level cloud-based solutions to facilitate file transfers & collaboration. Your assets are in safe hands. 


How do I get the files to you?

We will provide access to our secure file transfer portal where you can submit your files. If your files are already on the cloud, you can simply share them with us.

What type of files can I upload?

Almost anything! Video, audio, images, PDFs, text files and more. 

How does payment work?

Our process requires a pre-authorized Credit Card for the total cost of the project. However, your card is not charged until you are blown away by the polished product.

How long will you store my footage and project files?

Your footage and project files will be stored for 3 months. We offer more customised solutions for repeat clients.

Do you have any limitations?

Just a few, we don't do animations, yet. We don't edit photos, yet. We don't accept unusable footage.

Do you do free trials?

We are just regular humans with regular bills to pay & mouths to feed. So unfortunately, no.

My footage sucks, what can I do?

We are good, but we’re not God. In other words, our editors can make killer videos from very meh footage, but you might not want to submit it to Sundance. The creators do know all about balancing colors and audio, how to trim out the bad parts, color grade for added pop, and slay the finished project. That being said, if your footage sucks, we won't be able to accept your project.

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